Parent’s weekend~ Rainy edition


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Portofino Bay Hotel. Feels like your really in Venus!

Kory’s poncho ripped and our ridiculous looking caravan in front of him

My dad found an even cooler way of wearing a poncho

Deceiving pictures. It was still raining.

So I’m still not quick on the draw when it comes to posting. I’m trying to figure out a better routine. In the meantime, these are shots from my weekend. My parents came up along with my mom’s best friend since elementary school (how amazing is that?!) and her family. We spent the night at the beautiful Portifino Bay hotel and spent a super rainy day at Universal. Seriously, as native floridians we all are pretty good at forecasting the weather. It’s going to rain everyday, but only random showers with sunshine in between. We failed, however, and it rained the ENTIRE day. It was the talk of the town the next day: “so that rain yesterday…” from the cashier at the grocery store. So we finally came home soggy and cold, and decided to make the next day an indoors day. Mom and I painted, sanded, and stained all sorts of projects I was putting off (look for that post later).  We ended the weekend on my back porch as it rained eating burgers we grilled when it was only sprinkling. Perfect ending.


Seamless Scores: Awkward v. Alexa


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Jacket-Thrifted, Dress-Francesca’s, Shoes-Steve Madden Old, Necklace-Hand me down

So here’s the Awkward and Alexa points I’ve racked up this week!!

~At church when they say “Now greet someone next to you.” It never fails, everyone around Kory and I turn away from us and we stand there awkwardly for what seems like hours and then finally we get a sympathy hand shake from someone about to sit down…Major Point Awkward

~Phone rings…unknown number…”Hello, this is Alexa Hutchison!”…Caller: “Oh, so you go by your maiden name now?”…Me:”No,… um…uh…(dang it)”. Turns out its’ someone I barely know….Point Awkward

~Sit down with my lovely Panera Pastry and Chai Latte (absolutely favorite)…Attack of love bugs commence…Flailing arms to shoo away commences (in public)…Bugs land in drink anyway and die instantly… Hoping no one notices I have fished out the carcases to enjoy my death bath of a latte.

~Hi, Sir in the car next to me. Yes you are flossing your teeth. Completely understand. And your passenger acting like it’s completely normal… Point awkward

~I like to bake sweets rather than cook, and Kory prefers eating sweets to actual food… Point Alexa!

~Kory: Let’s go out to eat, Me: We have no money, Kory: Let’s go to Taco Bell and we’ll eat like kings!!!!!!!!…Point amazingly Awesome.

~Plan to put clean sheets on bed accidentally turns into a 30 minute nap…Point Alexa!

Do any of these things happen to anyone else? What are your awkward moments?

Idea credits go to The Daybook.

When in doubt bake…


This week I wasn’t feeling well, but there is something about warm chocolate that makes everything seem so much better. This is documentation of my first time trying these yummy Oreo-chip cookie goodness. They didn’t turn out the way they looked in so many pictures, but it all tastes the same. Plus this blog isn’t about being perfect, its about the fun and goodness life brings, even messy cookies!

They are pretty self explanatory how to make. I would just suggest putting less on the bottom and more on top than what I had done.

Inspiration from A Law Student’s Journey

A Book for a Few


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I’m starting a book. A book that won’t be published. A book only written for a couple of people at the most. A couple of people that I haven’t met. And when I meet them it won’t be years until they will be able to read it. It’s a book for my future children.

Working with the youth group at our church at my age, I see how much the kids can really identify with you the younger you are, or appear to be. I can say all I want that I’m going to be a ‘cool mom’, but chances are my kids won’t be able to identify with me just like I didn’t identify with my mom when I was a teenager. Now I’ve always felt that God is going to give me boys, just because of how he’s been preparing me and how I would feel completely lost with a girl. When I felt inspired to write this, however, I felt stirred to write this to a daughter.

Have any of you done anything like this, or has anyone done anything like this for you? Share your ideas!

Seamless Scores: Awkward v. Alexa


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Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Skirt- Thrifted, Shoes- Target thrifted, Jewelry- Francesca’s

This is a new segment were we take note of the awesome or awkward points we’ve racked up this week. You know about these moments… everyone has them.

~Meeting our new youth leader this week, I ran screaming, shaking, and crying away from him, when I mistaken a grasshopper for a roach…’hi, nice to meet you. I’m a completely composed leader whom you can count on…baaaaaaaaahhh!’… Point Awkwardness

~The recent interest everyone has taken into my digestive health specifically as to ‘how everything is coming out’ due to my recent illness I caught in the Dominican Republic. Yes, under normal circumstances we would not be discussing this topic, but since you are concerned it is completely not awkward… Point Awkwardness

~Going to Sprint store turning in my phone to get fixed checked out. ‘Come back in an hour’…hour later, ‘Come back in thirty’…forty ,minutes later…’Come back in ten’…’Nothing is wrong with it’. ‘Are you messing with me?! ‘…Point Awkward

~Figuring out this blog stuff, photo editing with no editor, and then bugging the only person I know that knows websites with endless amounts of questions…Point Alexa and Rebound Point Awkward

~Having Sunday’s off and actually seeing my husband for more than a couple hours in the evening…Point Alexa!

~Getting my favorite curling iron back and actually maintaining curls for longer than 10 minutes… Point Alexa

~Husband calling me a genius for figuring out a car situation and saving us 70 bucks!…. Million Points for Alexa! (if you knew how much of a car guy my husband is and how smart he is you would understand the million of points)

So what are your scores this week! Comment, email me, or telepathically message me!