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Jacket- BCBG, Dress- H&M thrifted, Shoes- Nine West, Necklace- Francesca’s

Here’s the round of scores this week:

~ok this one happened a few weeks ago & I still laugh about it: We get into bed, and Kory shuts off the lights. Two seconds later I started screaming, “EW!!! Your booger is on my finger!!!!! EW! EW! Turn on the light, get it off!” He turns on light and it was my contact. (Yes, I sleep in my contacts, but he was all sick that week)…Point Awkward

~I’m diligently nailing in a masterpiece of our wall art at the store. All of a sudden I hear a customer scream following by a bang on my head. I’m not the pro-nailer I thought I was, because one frame fell from the top of the wall and landed on my head leaving me a bit bruised inside and out…Point Awkward

~Had an 8:45 am interview yesterday. Got up super early to do my research on them and get in the ‘zone’. Pay for parking. Show up 15 min. early. Walk up to the desk to sign in. The lady behind the desk looks confused, and discusses it with nearly half the office. “Sorry Sweetie, your interview is next week.”……………………………….OMG Major Point Awkward!!!

~Getting the ball rollin in a major way for an event I’ve wanted to do for a while. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!….Point Alexa

~Running 2.5 miles, without stopping or walking, after not being able to exercise for 2 months!…Point Alexa

~Now the soreness and my old lady walking isn’t so cool… Point Awkward

~When I speak to fast, Kory starts making up Spanish gibberish because he thinks I’m speaking Spanish. It’s the Cuban in me….Point Awesome