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Portofino Bay Hotel. Feels like your really in Venus!

Kory’s poncho ripped and our ridiculous looking caravan in front of him

My dad found an even cooler way of wearing a poncho

Deceiving pictures. It was still raining.

So I’m still not quick on the draw when it comes to posting. I’m trying to figure out a better routine. In the meantime, these are shots from my weekend. My parents came up along with my mom’s best friend since elementary school (how amazing is that?!) and her family. We spent the night at the beautiful Portifino Bay hotel and spent a super rainy day at Universal. Seriously, as native floridians we all are pretty good at forecasting the weather. It’s going to rain everyday, but only random showers with sunshine in between. We failed, however, and it rained the ENTIRE day. It was the talk of the town the next day: “so that rain yesterday…” from the cashier at the grocery store. So we finally came home soggy and cold, and decided to make the next day an indoors day. Mom and I painted, sanded, and stained all sorts of projects I was putting off (look for that post later).  We ended the weekend on my back porch as it rained eating burgers we grilled when it was only sprinkling. Perfect ending.