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Jacket-Thrifted, Dress-Francesca’s, Shoes-Steve Madden Old, Necklace-Hand me down

So here’s the Awkward and Alexa points I’ve racked up this week!!

~At church when they say “Now greet someone next to you.” It never fails, everyone around Kory and I turn away from us and we stand there awkwardly for what seems like hours and then finally we get a sympathy hand shake from someone about to sit down…Major Point Awkward

~Phone rings…unknown number…”Hello, this is Alexa Hutchison!”…Caller: “Oh, so you go by your maiden name now?”…Me:”No,… um…uh…(dang it)”. Turns out its’ someone I barely know….Point Awkward

~Sit down with my lovely Panera Pastry and Chai Latte (absolutely favorite)…Attack of love bugs commence…Flailing arms to shoo away commences (in public)…Bugs land in drink anyway and die instantly… Hoping no one notices I have fished out the carcases to enjoy my death bath of a latte.

~Hi, Sir in the car next to me. Yes you are flossing your teeth. Completely understand. And your passenger acting like it’s completely normal… Point awkward

~I like to bake sweets rather than cook, and Kory prefers eating sweets to actual food… Point Alexa!

~Kory: Let’s go out to eat, Me: We have no money, Kory: Let’s go to Taco Bell and we’ll eat like kings!!!!!!!!…Point amazingly Awesome.

~Plan to put clean sheets on bed accidentally turns into a 30 minute nap…Point Alexa!

Do any of these things happen to anyone else? What are your awkward moments?

Idea credits go to The Daybook.