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I’m starting a book. A book that won’t be published. A book only written for a couple of people at the most. A couple of people that I haven’t met. And when I meet them it won’t be years until they will be able to read it. It’s a book for my future children.

Working with the youth group at our church at my age, I see how much the kids can really identify with you the younger you are, or appear to be. I can say all I want that I’m going to be a ‘cool mom’, but chances are my kids won’t be able to identify with me just like I didn’t identify with my mom when I was a teenager. Now I’ve always felt that God is going to give me boys, just because of how he’s been preparing me and how I would feel completely lost with a girl. When I felt inspired to write this, however, I felt stirred to write this to a daughter.

Have any of you done anything like this, or has anyone done anything like this for you? Share your ideas!