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Shirt, skirt, necklace thrifted; shoes- Max Monelli


So this is my no fault combo, one of my favorite kinds of outfits to wear. Whether I change the shoes, jewelry, or hair, this outfit no doubt gets a million compliments a day. I’m not exaggerating in the least… ok maybe two million a day. I’ve decided the combination of lace and the eyelit skirt causes a frolicking in a meadow feeling and everyone wants to feel like they are frolicking in a meadow. So with that in mind, I’m ‘frolicking’ in our ankle high grass.

*Funny thing about the grass… that day our neighbor came over and asked if we had seen our landlord lately, since he would never let the grass get that high. We informed him that we took on that responsibility. Apparently we aren’t too responsible when it comes to our grass. Now we know how ‘that neighbor’ is on the street… us.