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So Kory and I were invited a special friends birthday party. The kind that you don’t know anyone, but you love the person so much you just have to be there. The said strangers were wonderful and didn’t give us the ‘you’re weird because your married vibe’ which always helps the awkward meter. It was a wonderful party not only because we got to celebrate such a wonderful person, but chocolate was involved!

We went to Ferris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory, where we got to eat up as much chocolate as we wanted while we made chocolate. It was my first time, but since I love baking I was all over it. Here are shots of some of our creations. Kory has eaten most of his so I just pulled his prettiest ones 🙂

Kory’s line-up (of course)

My creations (yes, that’s a dark chocolate covered potato chip! and it was delicious!)

I think I’m going to go eat some of them now!! I will share. No, going to eat them all now!